Redheads in the dark game

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Redheads in the dark game

Rock Candy [Redhe in the Dark]. File: Rock Candy [Redhe in the Dark]. Rockcandy is always bad endings. In the basement scene you click the clippers the roll of tape and then the exclamation mark. It has 3 or 4 rocks. When it falls it should make a yo! Hovering over it after clicking the pliers and the roll of tape makes it clickable.

When clicked, it falls apart and you get text saying well that did nothing. Counting from the top, click the third segment, and it will fall to the ground. If you clicked the correct one, it becomes an interactable object. If you move on without Crosstail or Sofi saying Yo! Click those in order - pliers, roll of tape, last pin.

Crosstail should say "these spell out Yo! Click on the demon to the right of the raping demon's shoulder - this should result in a fruit falling off the tree. If you cannot find it, hit tab until it is highlighted. Clicking the tooth will result in the eye of the demon to glow red. Clicking the eye will put the last exclamation mark in place - a key from the statue. Click the twig, fruit, and key in that order, and you will get Yo!

Click on the pliers Yroll of tape Oand pin with a cut above it!

Redheads in the dark game

This stalactite has 4 separate rocks, with a small one at the bottom and a large one at the top. Click on the second from the bottom rock, right above the tip of the stalactite. The bottom two rocks should fall down, leaving the top two still hanging above. Clicking on the fallen rocks or crack will cause Sofi to say "Yo! For both characters the first Yo! For Sofi click the stalactite and it falls to the ground, those rocks make the yo!.

I forget the dudes. If you click on any other, you get a rock, but it does not spell "YO!

Redheads in the dark game

For the guy, you have to click the tree, then the demon, then a tooth in the statue's mouth, then the statue's eyes, after they turn red. Click everything, until you can click the twig, fruit and key. OR click second stone on falling stalagmite then click YO! You need to click both yo! Click the things with arrows, click each yo! I can't fap to this. The word Yo doesn't appear. I remember playing this before.

Either you posted it before or maybe I was on your site. Specifically the one in the image. I think all the 'gameplay' shit that looks like you can escape has no logical purpose. During the alive rape, you can click on the pliers, then tape, then the notch in the board for a different text bit. Then, in the following order click the branch, fruit, and "key" to make a "Yo! That has got to be the most pointlessly random solution I've ever seen in a game before.

And also redheads in the dark game the Stalacite hanging at the far left, click the 2nd row from the bottom. I want to fap to his newer shit, is it on swfchan? No matter what I do, all I get is about how amazing it was to see the smaller rocks crushed. Tab can't find any new hotspots either.

If you know how he does flashes by now then you should have this one in the bag. None of his flashes are simple. Stop being a dick.

Redheads in the dark game

Let's try it anyways. The second Yo! You're just a dickhead.

Redheads in the dark game

Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Audio: Yes. There's one interactive thing in both of their second scenes and clicking everything else before and after that thing occurs does jack shit. Unless you need to click some arbitrary order of things, which would be fucking stupid. Maybe you just need to progress at a certain point like in the other flash with the murderer chick. Probably had something to do with spelling YO!

Click the green plyer, the tape and the crack in the wood in order to spell out YO! Click the tree. It's just too unnatural when a female has a stronger role than a male. Also is that vaginal or am I too drunk? That's Anal, as usual. Rape is rape. I'm happy to educate. It's like saying a nigger hating a white guy is "reverse racism". The only thing that can be actually considered reverse rape is consensual sex. Sex that is against the victim's will is rape, regardless of the sexes involved.

There are rape fantasy's sure, but not reverse rape fantasy's. Sounds weird. Most people with half a brain cell would understand what "reverse rape" means whithout having heard it before. It makes sense, saves time and serves a good purpose when defining a certain type of porn. Redundant SJW redundancy. If by "most people", you mean weeaboo and neckbeard, then you are right. But sadly, you are wrong. It'll form a crack that spells out "Yo!

Redheads in the dark game

I guess you're a fucking weeaboo. I hope any tags that you use to search that is even slightly off from what the word actually means get "corrected" by pedantic autists so you'll have to spend double the effort. Golden shower? Make it just peeing! Are we to live in chaos? Reverse rape won't stop being a category even if you bash me. I honestly don't understand why people feel the need of getting upset over these trivial issues. Feels over reals. Who the fuck cares? You just don't really into basic SWFchan functionality?

I'm not the guy you're arguing with about your retarded fetish term. I'm just one of the several people in this thread calling you out on your delusional world view It's a fetish term. Cool the fuck down. It's not like we're writing legal terms for anything actually important.

Redheads in the dark game Redheads in the dark game

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