Soo cubus game

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Soo cubus game

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Soo cubus game

Discussion Reviews 5. I loved this game back in the day and I'm happy I found it again. It's really funny, there's plenty of cool scenes. The art is different from most other games and it has its charm.

Soo cubus game

I'm a big fan, I wish sexums would start making games again. Great Game, just like Soo Cubus. Have been playing since v1. Very good animations, funny dialogue, lots of replay factor, very few bugs at this point, beautiful scenarios that change with every season. This game deserves much more reviews then it has. The game has tonns of content, one of the best pixel art styles i've seen, and lighthearted tone suitable for fap game.

All in a small flash package - just try it,this deserves at least one playthrough. Negative: This is done in flash and sometimes will crash or at times a black box can appear on spots or when things get hectic such as the big finale battle. It could be different per pc of course.

Soo cubus game

Neutral: There's a lot of grinding involved and you repeat the game in order to unlock the many different ending scenes. So if your not a fan of grinding this might be a little off putting to some, HOWEVER each ending gives you a bonus you can activate on subsequent playthroughs which is a huge plus. Personally, the grinding doesn't bother me that much Also the sexual content involves monsters, tentacles as well as 'people' so your tastes may vary. Positive: There is a good amount of gameplay as well as sexual soo cubus game. The storyline is quite humorous.

I really enjoyed the dungeon crawling aspect of this game. The protagonist is a turbo bitch with a stick up her ass, usually I hate these types of characters but it works well for this game. The pixelated graphics are a nice touch, an improvement over its predecessor Soo Cubus.

Conclusion: This game deserves more recognition. The creator posts polls and updates often on his patreon and is engaging with the patreonis. I highly recommend people to try this. If you like bizzare monsters and hentai stuff then this is a sure win. Thank you. A sex-comedy game with quirky characters, funny writing and a good amount of content. Not exactly an immersive life sim like various other games though, a copious amount of sex is basically unavoidable.

You just control where and with what creatures most of it happens. Showing all items. Top Bottom.

Soo cubus game Soo cubus game

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