The headmaster game

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The headmaster game

Views 2, Downlo 69 File size 49KB. It is deed for newer players who need help with the game. The walkthrough provides some basic information on playing the game and then explains how to complete all the quests in the game. This includes the main quests, and the staff and student quests. At the start of this document is a table of contents.

In front of each heading is a short code e. You can do a search on this code include the square brackets to jump directly to that section of This means that things are likely to change. There are also likely to be bugs. The tutorial teaches you the basic controls, shows you have to navigate round the school, and introduces you to the main characters.

You will find that in order to complete the first main quest, you will need to complete several staff side-quests, which are discussed later in the You will also find that you will usually be trying to complete several quests at one time. Sometimes, you need to complete part of one quest the headmaster game order to progress a different quest.

For example, you may have to save up money to buy an item to allow you to complete one quest, but while you are For example, you need to upgrade the science facilities in order to persuade Miss Chang the science teacher to help Therefore, please use this document as a guide, not a step-by-step walkthrough. This is a more detailed guide. It explains how to complete all the events in the Event Log, and also includes other information and notes In this walkthrough, I will sometimes refer you to the Event Log Guide for more detailed information.

If either of them fall to zero, the game will end.

The headmaster game

It is very easy to focus on achieving a quest, and forget to keep maintaining your grades You improve grades and discipline by teaching classes. When a girl misbehaves, you will usually be given the option of punishing her in class, or in your office after school. However, because the spanking prevents you from teaching your lesson, grades do not improve. If you punish her in class, the If you punish her after school, your lesson will not be interrupted, and will get 1 Grade point. There are some special scenes where you will not have any choice.

The headmaster game

Note: later in the game you can get more discipline points. For example, the first time you punish the girls, you will automatically decide punish them after school. If you give her a public punishment, the other girls will see her being punished and you will get the headmaster game Discipline point. If you give them a private punishment you will get no discipline or grade points, but you [QGAM03] Stats Management In summary: 1 if you need to improve discipline, teach classes and punish the girls in class. At the start of the game, you are likely to lose discipline points every week.

Your first two priorities therefore need to be increasing discipline and teaching Miss Potts. The fastest way of increasing discipline is by teaching classes and then spanking the girls in class. In the evenings, you should teach Miss Potts. Once she has received training, You should prioritize this over any other activities, e. You can teach her every night including weekends except for Wednesday. You should prioritize this over other evening events e.

The headmaster game

You can then work on the Mr Wilson and Miss Chang staff quests. Note: The actions in this quest do not have to be performed in any particular order.

The headmaster game

Teach classes and punish students to ensure that your discipline score remains above If discipline falls below 20 again, then you will need to complete this action again. At the start of the game, you will get 2 discipline points if you punish a student in class, and 1 discipline point if you give them a public after school punishment. See QGAM01 for more information. This involves visiting Miss Potts in her apartment in the evenings to give her some training. This involves stealing the social media password of one of the the headmaster game.

Please note that passing other rules e. Fun note: once you have passed the Strict Uniform Policy, you can do underwear inspections on most of the students you see in the hall in the classroom building. If you have not already unlocked the scene, the following weekday morning you will see a scene with Sally and Izzy running. In the morning, go to the lake and speak to Jimmy. The following morning, Jimmy will tell you that the path is now clear, and he will take you to the spot where the headmaster died. You will find his wallet which has a combination hidden in it.

Go to your office and click on the bookcase. You will then be able to unlock the safe and this event will unlock. This is not available in the game yet. The actions have be performed in sequence. You can visit her any night including weekends except for Wednesdays. The first 4 lessons will involve you discussing in order her need to show confidence; classroom dynamics; the need for consistency; and how she is making progress. The last 2 lessons will involve you giving her a verbal telling off. At the end of the last lesson, you will tell her you will visit her in her classroom to check how she is dealing with the girls.

You will see her managing to control Debbie, and you will receive 1 Influence point. Visit Miss Potts in the evening again. You will say she needs a practical lesson in being spanked. Visit her at her apartment in the evening. This time, you will spank her. You will give Miss Potts another lesson. If you have not already done so, you will then need to pass the Very Strict Uniform Policy.

You will see her punishing Faye and you will get 1 influence point. The actions have to be performed in sequence. This will give the headmaster game 1 Influence point. She will say she wants a lab technician. On day 4, call Sam back into your office and ask about the Lab Technician. Thursday you can hold the interviews on Monday. If you refuse her offer, you will hire Anna.

If you select Anna, then that night Trixie will visit you at your apartment. Note: Sam needs 3 days, not 3 working days, so if you ask Sam on To unlock this quest, you can select either candidate.

The headmaster game

She will offer you a blowjob if you appoint her as the new dance teacher. Speak to Miss Chang in the evening. If you have hired Anna, Miss Chang will thank you, you will get 1 Influence Point, and this quest action will be completed. You will appoint her as Dance Teacher and hire Anna, the other candidate, as the lab technician.

The headmaster game

This time she will thank you, you will get 1 Influence Point, and this quest action will be completed. You will first need to upgrade the science classroom QSTA You do not need to have told Miss Chang about the upgrade. This means you can complete QSTA During the school day, use your office phone to call Priti to your office.

You will then steal her password and social media pictures. You will give him the password, and you will get 1 Influence Point. He will tell you that he wants nude pictures of Priti. You can agree or disagree. If you agree, see QSTA If you disagree, he will [QSTA It will arrive the following day.

You can then use your phone to summon Priti to your office. The following morning, your grades, discipline and popularity will all decrease by

The headmaster game

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